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Re: Small lung cancer in 63 year old

My dad is 62, he quit smoking over twenty years ago. He lives with me, he had what should have been life ending motorcycle accident seven years ago, a lot of damage. I just can't understand why he survived such a horific accident only to have to deal with such an awful situation only a few years later. They said it is stage four non small cell lung cancer, non operable... we have completed four of thirteen scheduled radiation treatments. He had a port put in last week and Monday is the first chemo treatment. He is so fragile and it tears me up to see him suffer so. I am allowing no emotion what so ever other than love and of course concern but I refuse to be upset or tragic. If he see's me troubled at all the impact would hinder his ability to deal with this as well as he is. He goes from being pretty aware of the severity of finality of this to the occassional comment that suggests he has some degree of belief that he can live with this for a number of years. I don't know, the Dr's haven't suggested a time frame to me so I just let him express whatever it is that he is feeling at the time. This is the hardest thing I have ever dealt with in my life time.. I am so afraid of saying the wrong thing or not saying something when maybe I should, I guess there are no right or wrong answers for this .... Dad has a very large family, 13 brothers and sisters and last week a group were going to "drop in" on him and I threw a fit. I am living this day to day, he had a hard night the night before, I don't know my aunts and uncles and I was at work that day. I had told the one aunt the week before to contact me to arrange a visit. That has happened with a couple of people and I'm sure some think I am just awful but they need to respect my home and the fact that I am the one carring for my father by my self and they need to go through me. He has told them that ,... are any of you having issues with family members? It is just such a sense of being on the point of a spinning top that never slows down..