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Aspergers Diagnosis?

Hi, I have a 6 y/o son who has been diagnosed with a general anxiety disorder an OCD, but through behavioral therapy they are beginning to tell me that he meets criteria of Aspergers. I'm torn, I have went over the DSM guidelines with them and he does meet them, but I just don't know (the social worker thinks we may be seeing more and more signs at this point). The teacher doesn't see all of it, but he puts on a good show for her, she sees his quirks, but just isn't sure what it is! He melts when he comes home!

He has a speech articulation issue, which he is now obsessed on fixing! Cannot take any change. Loves friends, but interactions are not age appropriate (usually large meltdowns-esp. in groups). Excels in math and drawing. Obsessed with toys and hoards. Worried about any mistakes at school, will not complete task w/o asking teacher first. Only eats about 10-15select foods. Repetitive questioning/discussions, etc.

My other concern is the lack of emotion/empathy. I have been sick lately, and he has shown no emotion, however I have been sick for the last couple of years off and on, so he may only know this way of life w/ me. When I'm in the hospital, no emotion! None w/ others either...

I just want what is best for him, I don't know anything about Aspergers besides what I am trying to learn-does this sound like what he has or are we going the wrong direction? I was told that I should countinue therapy and consider meds for him...

Thank You!

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