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Re: Aspergers Diagnosis?

Originally Posted by mom29
Hi, I have a 6 y/o son who has been diagnosed with a general anxiety disorder an OCD, but through behavioral therapy they are beginning to tell me that he meets criteria of Aspergers. I'm torn, I have went over the DSM guidelines with them and he does meet them, but I just don't know (the social worker thinks we may be seeing more and more signs at this point). The teacher doesn't see all of it, but he puts on a good show for her, she sees his quirks, but just isn't sure what it is! He melts when he comes home!

He has a speech articulation issue, which he is now obsessed on fixing! Cannot take any change. Loves friends, but interactions are not age appropriate (usually large meltdowns-esp. in groups). Excels in math and drawing. Obsessed with toys and hoards. Worried about any mistakes at school, will not complete task w/o asking teacher first. Only eats about 10-15select foods. Repetitive questioning/discussions, etc.

sounds very much like my 6 yr. old daughter. she is diagnosed as having sensory processing disorder and childhood anxiety disorder. she just had an appt. with a dev. ped. and he diagnosed her with aspergers. i felt she had aspergers for a very long time. she has the same symptoms/signs as your son and as a baby she would twirl her hands and rock back and forth constantly. i am worried too about her lack of empathy. she never shows concern for others and she lacks social skills.

maybe you should take him to a dev. ped. to have him evaluated. my daughter too, met all the criteria for aspergers but these arrogant neurologists wouldn't put down aspergers even though she met EVERY criteria for it. praying for you, i know what you're going through!

My other concern is the lack of emotion/empathy. I have been sick lately, and he has shown no emotion, however I have been sick for the last couple of years off and on, so he may only know this way of life w/ me. When I'm in the hospital, no emotion! None w/ others either...

I just want what is best for him, I don't know anything about Aspergers besides what I am trying to learn-does this sound like what he has or are we going the wrong direction? I was told that I should countinue therapy and consider meds for him...

Thank You!