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Re: Aspergers Diagnosis?

Thank you both for your replies.

dvalred-what is a dev. ped? We currently see a child psych out of a behavioral health hospital and a LCSW. Do you find that the school has given you a hard time with any issues? We have a great teacher, except she just wants to think of him as a sweet boy with his "quirks". He just receives Speech Therapy right now, it took us a long 6 months to get it!

GatsbyLuvr1920-Thanks for clearing that up I thought if we changed the dx to Aspergers the OCD would fall under there...

I think I'm just overwhelmed at this time and we just want what is best. I'm sure you guys know how it goes when everyone around you has an opinion and then you begin to doubt and question everything! My in-laws think it is best to just let him "out grow it!"