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I'm Concerned Please Help!

Hey i'm just 21 yrs old, and have been expierencing a number of changes
in my bowl habits, such as blood in the stool ect.. i have been to my
doctor many times, and he just relates it 2 anxiety! but cause i get
anxious alot and worry about my health.. i'm worried about it being
something serious.. i have had verious blood tests which have all come back
negative.. just had an abdominal scan which the doc gave me, i'm
currently awaiting the results, i don't kno if an abdominal scan would show a
problem in the colon or bowl? i have asked 2 see a specialist in this
area, but because of my age, and my examination he doesnt think their is
any need.. i'm really concerned! it would be of help if someone could
tlk 2 me about this.. i also had a fecal occult blood test which i'm
awaiting the results for, i would appreciate it if someone got back 2 me
on this! i mean i'm just 21 is it possible for their 2 be a problem?

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