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Re: I'm Concerned Please Help!

Thanks dee, i appreciate you stoping by.. i need help with this.. i already have ocd.. about my health.. and noticing what i have told you has just made me panic! whats your situation? do you have any problems in this area? and another thing, i have read so many pages by surfing the net to find out if its a problem that is something serious.. and alot of the syptoms match up which worries me! but i have been to the doctor and been examined and he has told me 100% that their isnt a problem and because your just 21 these things don't occur in young men or young women, is he correct? i mean everywhere i read it says screening starts at age 50 and 40 if you have family history! but 21? and i have kept on at him and he won't give me a colonscopy he saw i was panickin, but he didnt think their was any need for one.. he just did x-ray of my abdoman which i hope is ok.. and i duno if you know about the occult fecal blood test? which was embaressing having to do.. like i said my blood tests have all been normal also, i have been A&E loads and loads of times seein different doctors they have had enough of me now and don't take me seriously.. they just relate it to anixety, but how can noticing blood be related to anxiety? it doesnt always happen it sometimes is hidden inside the stool and doesnt appear to the naked eye.