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Re: I'm Concerned Please Help!

Okay...don't listen to them when they tell you colon cancer is an old person's disease! There are so many people under the age of 50 who get colon and rectal cancers! I'm not trying to scare you, the chances of you having cancer are slim, but you push for the colonoscopy ASAP. It's your health. My friend's brother was 22 when he was diagnosed with stage III rectal cancer, and he only had a little blood in his stool as a symptom and no family history whatsoever. 22! I have been having suspicious things going on and my gp is pushing for a colonoscopy, and I'm only 17. Like many on this board will tell you, this sort of cancer does not discriminate against age. Sure it's more common in older folks, but it does occur in younger people as well. If anything else, getting a full colonoscopy will put your mind at ease. It's probably 'roids, or maybe some sort of colitis, but you'll never know until you get checked. This is why I am pushing it for myself.

Remember, it's your health!!