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My Suggestions For Anxiety, Panic and Obsessive Thoughts

This time last year I honestly didn't see much of a way out for myself from the panic and obsessive thoughts. Through hard work though, I'm now travelling the country and doing really well.

I actually think it's helpful for me to NOT think of myself as cured. Instead I prefer to think that I can now very much manage my situation. By thinking "manage", instead of "cured", I don't get caught off guard by a "what if" thought, etc.

Dwelling on negative thoughts and images is a recipe for disaster. This includes thoughts of wanting to escape. I have yet to have any good come from dwelling on things that have potential to scare the heck out of me. If some thought or image comes to mind - switch your attention to something else or "just be" (see below). Do this as often as needed. Your mind will become stronger and your confidence will grow because you will eventually start to see that you have control over this stuff. Success breeds success. This "not dwelling" is very, very important. The thoughts and images you're tryiing to avoid start losing their power or energy when they're not tended to, thus they will start to surface less and less with time.

Learn how to "just be" in the present moment. What I mean by "just be" is to not try to analyze, forecast, judge, question, etc. You're actually trying to not think of anything - you're simply being present until any negative feelings have a chance to pass by. A very helpful tip here: practice this "just being" even when you're feeling fine. This can prevent any anxiety/panic from occuring in the first place because you will start to find your life becoming calmer and calmer. Mindfulness is another word for "just being". Don't wait until you HAVE to use this technique, even though I highly recommend it even then.

Practice NOT having a negative emotional reaction to situations in your life. By learning to maintain an even emotional keel, instead of reacting with anger, frustration, resentment, jealousy, etc., can greatly assist you in NOT reacting in fear when a "what if" thought or some other "trigger" presents itself. I call it "keeping cool under fire". The benefits to this practice goes way beyong managing anxiety and panic.

None of the above suggestions were easy for me at the beginning. In fact, I wasn't even sure that any of it was going to work since I didn't know at the time that others were going through what I was, thus there were no success stories to gain confidence from, but I was still able to gradually gain more and more control over what was happening.

By the way, I didn't resort to any meds, but I was very close to doing so. I'm now glad that I didn't, but if meds are helping to relieve your suffering, then by all means do what you feel you need to do. Suffering is no fun. Hope some of this helps. I have to leave for a week or two, but will be more than glad to answer any questions when I get back. Take care and be a warrior, Steve

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