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Does scar tissue sound like........

I have a dilema with myself right now, and decided I would bring my question to all of you, who might know.

I had a cervical fusion of C5-6 two years ago. Everything was great, no problems, all pre-op pain was gone the day of surgery.

I have taken about 4 different falls in the past 2-3 months. I have been experiencing neck tension, pain, popping noise when my neck tenses up tight and I try to stretch it......chin to chest. Then when I try to roll my neck in the circular way, there is all sorts of crunchy noises, like a bunch of rocks in there. Also, you no the feeling like your head is to heavy for your neck to hold, thats how I feel.

So, I went to my pcp, he said I had lots of swelling, ect. Did trigger point injections. After about two days, I had some relief without the tension. By a couple of more days, it was all back again. I went back a week later for my follow up with Dr. and he adjusted my neck..... There was alot of stuff out of place I guess, because it sounded like alot of crackling.

I asked my Dr. about the pain still being in the neck with the tension, crunchy noises, ect., his reply was...."that's just the scare tissue" (?), and if this doesn't work and this continues, then I'm gonna put you in Pt.

Okay, so my question to you all is:
Have you had the crunchy noise's when trying to roll your neck and release the tension and been told it's "scar tissue"?

Thanks for any input,


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