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Re: Does scar tissue sound like........

Hi Marcia,

Thanks for the reply. No, I don't know for sure that I'm fused. I've actually had a Ct on my Neck and back (back was fused the day after my neck), and the Ct's came back inconclusive that was about 15 months after the fusions.

I know that I'm not a Dr. or even in the medical field, but I have never had this kind of crunchy sound, and it scares me. I could probably even ignore it, but the tension and popping that comes with it, when I try to release it, hurts, and the feeling like my neck is unstable.

In Oct. 06, regarding my back, I did have a plain x-ray, not an extension/flexion, but it read "L4-5, shows evidence of previous posterior fusion with intrapediclular screws and vertical stabilization rods. Disc spaces are seen in place. Dr. said it didn't say either wasy wether it was fused or not.

I will call my Dr. this week and see about the flexion/extension though.

Thanks again and I will let you know, what I find out.