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Re: 2 yr old pneumucoccal antibody titer lab results

hey there! im so glad I came back to read this site cause I posted quite some time ago questioning the Prevnar vaccine and now I see "matts mom" did reply. So you also seem to be on the same road. Just wondering your childs symtypoms. After realizing that he was not responding to the Prevnar shot, they put now on yet another low dose antibiodic for 4 weeks, then stop, see if he gets sick, if so he stays on antibiodic till the warmer months, then we wait till he is almost 2yrs (16 mon. now) and then give the pneumococcal, then retest. Does this all sound right matts mom??

Also, while on these antibiodics he is actually still sick, runnnig nose, chest congestion, some low grade fevers. Molars are also on their way In!! Dunno, just want him off this medicine and feeling better, just seems like so much medicine for such a little guy.

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