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When is it time to add Cytomel to Synthroid ?

Hi. Is there any sort of time frame when a person should consider adding T3 to their regimen? Had RAI in September, am hypo now and on Synthroid 100mcg (.1mg) (dose has been adjusted twice). Just got my TSH and Free T4 results and they're just borderline in the range (my TSH needs to be lower and my Free T4 needs to be higher I think) They don't do a free T3 test here.

Any input on how Cytomel is added, when, and what to look for? I see my dr. on Thursday and would like to request the change (Was on desiccated thyroid prior to all this happening...thought I was doing o.k. on it although was getting heart skipping sensations in the afternoon ) I've read where there is too much T3 compared to T4 in desiccated...that it is 4 times stronger and a very short half-life. My free T4 always seemed very low (way off the chart which would indicate HYPO but my TSH was always really low (.38).

DO YOU THINK I SHOULD REQUEST A FREE T3 TEST? They have to send it away to a major city so have no idea if my Dr. will even do that? Am getting so sick of feeling like I'm putting someone out or being a complainer. You know if Docs would actually listen for 1 minute intially, alot of our problems would probably be dealt with satisfactorily!

I don't know what to do, this is going to be a loonnnnng haul.

go for MRI tomorrow of my brain and spine (to rule "out" or "in" and de-mylenating disease ie MS) because of tingling in body.


thanks anyone

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