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Re: When is it time to add Cytomel to Synthroid ?

Cytomel is synthetic T3 so an FT3 test would be the best to determine if you need additional T3. It is in your best interest to INSIST on tests to determine your FT3. You are NOT complaining or whining, you just want the best for your health, anyone else would want that too. I can't imagine your doctor would settle for less if it was his health involved--I bet he would have every test available to help himself feel better, AND whine, complain, call in every favor of every other medical professional until he got what he needed!

It may be enough for you to just increase your dosage of synthroid. A dose of 100 mcg is not that high since you do not have a functioning thyroid. I have heard of many people who have had a TT or RAI who need a dose of at least 225. If it is difficult for your doctor to get an FT3 test done because of your location you could try an increase in just your synthroid. By increasing the synthroid you will be lowering your TSH and raising your FT4.

If I were you I would get my TSH in a better place, perhaps around "1" ish. Then see how you feel, if you still have symptoms get an FT4 and FT3 test. Most people feel best when each of the frees are at least mid-range.

I am also one who does not do well on dissected thryoid. I do much better with a synthroid/cytomel combination. (currently on 100 synthroid and 10 cytomel) Like you the ratio of T4 to T3 in dissected is too much for me. By using separate meds for T4 and T3 I can get a more customized dosage for my needs.

Good luck and keep us posted to your progress!