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Re: A vitamin or mineral that helps prevent or treat psoriasis?

2 things I do.

I, well my Mum found me some Dead Sea Bath often as 5 times a week I soak in a bath of this stuff, and it seems to really keep it calm on my body.

The next, is a cream I am using. It is called ProTopic, and it is the perfect cream. I have had the condition for a little over a year now, and tried countless things, which have had almost no effect...this new cream I got prescribed to me, is honestly the best. I am not saying it will work for you, because it seems that people react to different stuff in different ways, but give it a shot, because you will be in love with it if it works !!

You cant prevent it, only manage it. Sometimes your body will stop causing the raid skin production, and you can have no sign of it for months, years at a time...otherwise, it is finding the right thing for you, like I have had to.

All the best with it, let us know.