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Confused - what do you think?

Really Confused Now

Thank you for your input in the previous thread

I got my results from my GTT and they do not correlate to last year’s numbers and the way I feel

Last Year GTT 2 Hour: 187 mg/dl – was diagnosed pre-diabetic
This Year GTT 2 Hour: 125 mg/dl
Cholesterol and Triglycerides are elevated

After this year’s test, I took my reading at 3 Hour = 160 mg/dl at 4 Hour = I had a hypoglycemia symptoms and I was at 94 mg/dl

My current doctor (the one that wants me to take anti-depressants) did not want to give me my readings (the 2 Hour = 125 mg/dl) I told her that by law they are my results and I wanted to know them. She gave them too me.

I am so confused, I feel worst than my 1st GTT and my numbers are better. My self-test at 3 hours says different. I tested with 2 different monitors (my regular one and the sidekick) and they gave me the same results

I got the shakes again today and the only thing that helps is carb foods or the glucose tabs. I know it is the worst thing to do, but those shakes hurt. I don’t know what to do. My new results prove to me that I should be health and not get those shakes. I take my readings 2 hours after a soup and I can be easily at 200 mg/dl

I have an appointment next month, but I am so confused and especially when I get bad shakes.

I really appreciate your input. I am so scared that the shakes are in my head, because from my experience there is only food that can stop them. What should I do?

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