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Re: sitting here with my collar

Oh I can sympathize. I was given a Philadelphia initially. I practiced and wore it in all situations around the house and was just about freaking out (I had received the collar 2 weeks before surgery). I just could not imagine wearing the thing (I dreaded this more than the actual surgery/recovery). The night before surgerythey called to remind me that the next day was the big day. I complained then that I did not think I could live 24/7 in a Philadelphia. Thankfully when I woke up from surgery I was in an Aspen. It was wonderful compared to the Philadelphia. You will get used to it very fast and it will become your security blanket. I still wear mine in the car if I travel very far. I know everyone who is scheduled for next week is getting very anxious at this point. You are all in my prayers and thoughts and I know you guys will do great. Just follow the instructions at the hospital about breathing and getting up and most important stay on top of those pain meds and muscle relaxers as instructed by your doc. Also try to walk, walk, walk (carefully) and eat lots of protein, calcium, etc. This will keep your strength up.