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Re: sitting here with my collar

You all are such good people, do you realize this? You are such a help and support to me and and so many other people. I REALLY appreciate this. THANK YOU!
I am doing very well, physically. I got a little upset today because ANOTHER friend fizzled out on me that was supposed to come over tonight. That is her second fizzling out. I didnt let her know I was upset. She really is a nice person, she just doesnt realize how lonely I am right now with my husband gone and me stuck here. But when I talked to my daughter (who FINALLY got a new car today after hers was stolen before my surgery), I kind of acted out and started crying and telling her how I havent seen a human being since my husband left on Tues. morning. She is like my best friend, so I can talk to her like this.Then she felt bad because she started her last semester of college this week and has been taking a bus all week, 40 miles each way. I feel like I laid a Jewish mom guilt trip on the kid (she is 21 and a great daughter). She swears that I didnt, though. I think the steroids I took are still in my system and they are making me emotional. My daughter has seen this before, so we kind of had a good laugh over it when she came over. (and I got to see the cute 2007 VW Rabbit).Then my 26 yr. old son called and said he would come over tomorrow, hang out and watch a DVD and then spend the night. (and apologized for not calling). He, too started school this week and works. Makes you realize that other people have lives, too. I am most disappointed in my friends (not my family), who all are aware I am home here alone and no one has yet to show their face. One friend said she would bring dinner over tomorrow, and SHE I think will actually follow thru. But I think you can all imagine how it feels when people forget about you. My husband of 5 yrs is a virtual saint and I cannot wait for him to get home on Sunday evening. The ladies that are fizzling out on me are all part of a ladies group that I have been in since I got a divorce in 1998. I thought we would be more bonded that we are. Word got around that i am doing better now, so they must think I dont need anything now. OY. Thanks for letting me vent. I am all better now