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Re: Confused - what do you think?

From your post, I suspect you may have hypoglycemia, which often eventually turns into Type 2 diabetes. Right now you're probably more in the hypoglycemia stage, thus the more or less normal results on your GTT.

Since you are frequently getting the shakes, I would suggest that you at least try the hypoglycemic diet for a period of time and see if it helps. I don't know all the details of the diet, but I think you can probably find info out there on the net. Some of the things that are advised for hypoglycemics are to eat more frequently (4-6 SMALL meals instead of 3 large ones), eat more protein and lower carbs, and absolutely never eat carbs without also eating some protein. The reason for this is that in hypoglycemics, ingestion of carbohydrates causes the pancreas to overreact and produce too much insulin...this creates a rebound low. If you eat protein, it takes much longer for the body to turn it into glucose, and it doesn't stimulate the pancreas in the same way that simple and even complex carbs do.

When you get the shakes, are you testing your blood sugar? You should try testing whenever you get the shakes, immediately before eating anything. Keep a log. If your numbers are consistently low (especially if they're much below 70) then you have hypoglycemia. You will need to use carbs to bring your blood sugar up, but make sure you also eat some protein (and fat) so that your numbers come up, but don't go into the stratosphere.

Wish I could tell you more about the diets for hypoglycemia, but perhaps some of the other board members who have it will jump in here to help.


P.s. I just had another thought...if your blood sugar is really spiking after eating carbs, but then is falling fairly quickly back to normal, the drop could make you feel shaky, even though you're not really going "low". Again, a reason to test often and keep a log.

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