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Abdominal pain for weeks..what to ask?

Hello all, I'm hoping maybe you can help me. If it helps to know this, I am a 32year old female!

A few weeks ago I thought I had pulled some lower abdominal muscles by doing too many situps and stretches in that area. But after doing that I felt pretty much fine and continued with my daily activities which included working out at the gym.

About 4 days later, I felt like I made it worse by not paying attn to how I was feeling and doing a bunch of heavy pot lifting on our garden patio. That day I felt like my whole stomach and trunk area was really sore, inflamed, hard to stand and move etc. It was fairly painful. The next day I still felt kind of off but I was able to go to the gym and do my workout with no pain and I even felt better afterwards.

However the next day and the rest of the week I kept getting pains in my lower abdomen and then they'd radiate up and into my stomach area, higher under my ribs. I visited the doctor later that week, because it didn't really feel like 'lower abdominal strain' anymore (I've strained my lower abs before and this was way more intense and uncomfortable and all over my stomach and trunk area)...he poked around and listened to my symptoms and said yes it sounded like I strained my muscles and that yes the area felt inflamed but it felt 'superficial' like nothing was bothered underneath the muscles. I should take it easy for a little while.

So I laid around for a few days. Even walking semi-long distances was somewhat painful. But after a few days the pain subsided a bit, so I started taking 1m walks with my dog. Typically before this I worked out 4-5x a week so I was really feeling the bite of inactivity thanks to this injury. The walks felt okay and my stomach pain seemed to subside a I went to the gym the other day (2 weeks after this all happened) and did some light bike riding and walking. The next day my left side under my rib was killing me (I'd had some pain there before during the last 2 weeks as well)...and my rib felt tender and sore and I was getting shooting pains under my left rib area. It's been like that for a few days now.

Last nite we were at a wedding and I wanted to dance a bit, and I got a shooting stitch kind of pain under my right rib after one song. I had to sit down. So basically the pain is kind of all over my upper stomach area under my ribs and doesn't like any real movements. I feel most comfortable when I am sleeping on my side (either side but mostly my right side) or when I am sitting straight up with one leg crossed over the other. Sometimes it's a dull ache and other times it's stabbing pain under a rib or in the stomach or similar. Sometimes it's a burning pain.

I want to go see the doctor again because honestly this doesn't seem like regular ole strained muscles to me. My lower abs feel basically fine now, it's just this upper stomach and under rib pain that is driving me insane. It hurts almost all the time. Other syptoms are that it hurts much worse if I am gassy and I seem to have a case of indigestion almost all the time..aka gassy and burping. But other than that my digestion is fine, I have normal stool and I don't have a fever or anything else that might suggest an emergency. The pains and the gas are my main symptoms.

In any case, I don't know what to tell the DR and am hoping maybe some people here might be able to direct me on some questions to ask him, or ask for a specific type of test, any ideas on what might be going on. I am really unfamiliar with this area of my body, never had any sort of stomach or digestion or rib pains before. I also have Kaiser insurance coverage and sometimes they can be fairly inactive unless pushed to do I'd like to go in to see the doctor with a PLAN of action and a specific list of things to ask him to look into or mention so that I make the most out of my visit.

Any help is appreciated. I am so tired of laying around hoping this gets better!!!


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