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leg weakness

hi everyone,
i'm scheduled for some testing to find out what's going on with me and had a question for anyone who's had alot of experience with spinal issues.

my main symptoms are leg weakness, lower leg and arm weakness, lower arm, both on the right side. occassionally i'll feeling tingling at my right heel and right pinkie and ring finger. i'm not really in pain and never felt anything in my lower back give. i did hear a pop a few months back in my mid back, and a week later i felt pain at the site but not anymore.

i recently went to an ortho who said i had sciatica and sent me to pt with a prescription for naprosyn for a month.

i guess my main question is, if it's from my spine wouldn't the weakness be in my whole leg or arm?

if i hearniated a disk, lower back, wouldn't i be in pain?

and of course my scariest question, if this was cord compression, wouldn't it be constant and not intermitent?

i've been worked up for ms, with a mri of head and neck, negative, i had a ct of my head to rule out stroke, negative, numerous blood tests, negative. i'm starting to become quite worried and feel like i've been to so many doctors with no answers.

any help would really be appreciated.

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