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Lupus w/o + ANA?

Hey everyone

I have posted on here a few times. I have been back and forth from doctors for the past year or so, and have never gotten a definitive answer about anything. My blood work has only shown abnormalities in the white cells, and a high sed rate, but no positive ANA. I have an inflamed kidney w/blood in my urine, arthritis in many joints, fever, fatigue, and scalp rash. I have also had many digestive problems, possibly IBS. My doctor told me Friday that it is all caused by endometriosis and arthritis, and that I need to see a psychiatrist. This really bothered me because I know I do not suffer from any sort of depression that wouldn't be caused by the fact that I feel like crap all the time. My mom had lupus, and he said that I could possibly have signs of it, but since it is not showing up in my blood I shouldn't worry.

Has anyone ever experienced this from a doctor? I know SLE typically shows up in the ANA but I'm just worried that since he cannot see it in my blood that he thinks I need to see a therapist. Anyways, thanks for listening!

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