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Question about CM??

Okay... I hope that this isn't a gross question but.... here it goes. I know what CM does during the first part of a cycle. I know how you are supposed to check it and wait until it gets to that EWCM but my question is what does it do as you get closer to AF? Here is why I want to know this...

Today is cd32. I am so hoping for a BFP this month b/c I still haven't seen AF... but I am having some cramping (have been having cramping for several days). I also keep running to the bathroom b/c I keep thinking that AF is here. But when I go to the bathroom it is like CM. What does this mean? I can't remember if I do this every month or not. I don't think it has ever been this much for so long before AF is due. It is hard to remember from month to month b/c the months just start running together after all this time. I actually checked CM a little while ago and it is kind of like what it is like building up to O.

Does anyone have any input here? Has anyone noticed this to be more so when pg. or do any of you experience this every month? Any info would be helpful. I am wondering simply b/c I want to be pg. so badly this month.

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