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Re: Confused - what do you think?

SamQKitty, thank you for your response

I was feeling so lost, but your post and my shakes today confirmed that I do have something going on. I try the small meals or if I don’t have time I eat snacks.

I tested myself two hours after my lunch and I was at 137 mg  but a little after I had the shakes I was at 81 mg. It doesn’t seem like high numbers  I must have done something good, but I assume 56 pts gave me the shakes.

I appreciate this forum, it really helps to talk. Especially when I don’t know what is going on 

When I got the shakes, I was closing out at work and had to drive home, so I took my glucose tabs. I had to take 3 then I felt ok to drive. Is 3 too much? They are 15 calories and 4 carbs. So, should this be an increase of 12 mg in my sugar level?

Thank you