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Needing surgery, but not anxious

Hi, All!
I've been lurking out here for a couple of months, and so appreciate all the information I have picked up from the group.
I see my surgeon again 2/1, and I know I can't keep putting off the C5-C6 fusion/donor disc thing much longer. I have been having pain in my right arm and shoulder since last May, but it hasn't followed the "correct" pattern. It doesn't go into my thumb, but into the back of my hand. My MRI is a frightening thing, with my spinal cord twisted around a huge rupture, but the surgeon was willing to be conservative, since I don't seem to be losing the strength in the arm, either. Because I have crackling in my right shoulder, I made him order me an MRI of the shoulder, just to confirm that the SHOULDER wasn't causing the arm pain. I have bursitis and tendonitis in the shoulder, but no rotator cuff tear. I am...not wanting to do the surgery because it doesn't seem like I'm "bad enough" yet, but not sleeping much at night either, due to my inability to be comfortable for long. I'm managing pain fairly well during the day with Darvocet. My primary question long did most of you need to be off work, if you are working? I'm a nursing supervisor, but in a call center environment, so I don't have to lift patients or anything, but have to do a lot of walking, computer work, and TONS of turning around when somebody comes to my cube with a question, because I'm set up with my back to the door. It drives me NUTS to sit at home, with nothing decent on TV! However, I don't want to rush back in here, and cause more problems for myself. Guess I just need some kicks in the pants to bite the bullet and get it done. We have a trip planned to Hawaii in May, and I don't want to be in pain the whole time. We just went to Phoenix for the BCS championship, and I felt awful the whole time!
Thanks for any help and info you can provide!

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