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Re: Question about CM??

Thanks for the info, Meggs!! And congrats on the pg!!! I was sort of thinking the same thing you said but, I didn't know if it was for sure or not. I can feel the CM more inside than it is coming out now, if that makes sense. That is why I checked it b/c I thought that maybe I was starting AF and it just wasn't coming out yet. It wasn't blood but it was like CM, white and creamy. I am so hopeful. I keep having on and off cramps, sometimes they are pretty bad. Since getting pg. is so fresh in your mind, can you remember if you cramped a lot and thought that AF was on her way? I have a DD but she is almost three so it is hard to remember that long ago.

If it doesn't happen this month, we have an appt. with a RE on Feb. 5th so I really want it to happen this month. Were you having any other symptoms before you found out you were pg? How many dpo's were you when you tested and got a BFP?? I want to test in the morning, if my temp remains high, but I am nervous it might still too early. I am about 12 dpo today.

Good luck with your pregnancy!!