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Re: Needing surgery, but not anxious

Do not worry even a little about the neck incision part. I know it does sounds scary as $%^&*(. I made jokes to my friends, before my surgery, using my hand like I was slitting my throat. They would get all mad at me. hehe. My incision is 2 inches horizontally on the front right side of the neck. Today I got my steri-strips off and it looks amazingly good. It never really hurt, either. I SWEAR!!!
If I were you, get it overwith as soon as you can, so you can enjoy your trip in May. The worst part is waiting for the surgery, not after the surgery. I was such a nervous wreck beforehand. I wasted my time worrying because it was fine. By the way, I am on day 12 post op. and had a 2 level with donor bone.