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Re: I was emotionally abused and have trouble dealing....

Originally Posted by D31 View Post
I just thought no he loves me and everyone gave up on him as a child and now. And I did not want to be that one more person who did.

I was the one who understood him when no one else did.
Hi D, sorry that you are feeling bad. I guess you must be grieving. You said that you did love him. It is a loss then and you need to grieve.

You said that you feel useless. Well he told you this for 3 years and you also feel "stupid" because everyone was right about him but you wouldn't listen. It's okay, D, we ALL make mistakes, forgive yourself.

When you said that you felt no one loved you and you didn't want to give up on him, were you sort of meeting your own needs by meeting his needs? Do you think that you meet your own needs?

You must have felt special that you were the only one who understood him?

You said that he made you feel like you were going crazy. I have heard other women who have come out of these relationships explain that it was confusing, what was right and what was wrong.