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Re: Small lung cancer in 63 year old

Unfortunately, they think my Mom's breathlessness is caused by a tumor that has begun to wrap itself around her trachea. Her chemo did not do all that we hoped; some places it shrunk, and others it spread. They are doing radiation on her tumor to help clear her airway (her lung is collapsed) and hope that will bring her some relief.

Sometimes breathlessness is a side effect of chemo, sometimes it is anxiety, sometimes it is cancer. I hope it's a side effect for your mom.

We are so devestated the chemo, which has zapped her very quality of life, isn't helping to prolong it. The doctors reiteriterated that we are still fighting here, not giving in to this disease, but sometimes, it seems so very bleak. I need her here so much, and every day seems wrong and long and I wish so much I could go back to before and appreciate the normalcy of my days. Sigh.