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Re: Needing surgery, but not anxious

Thanks, SKZ!
I know I'm miserable, but try to keep telling myself "it's not bad enough yet." I wrote out a long list of questions to take with me to my appt, and hopefully I can move forward with some answers and some assurance that I'm not jumping too soon. I've already done 3 mos of PT, and the therapist told me that she's really not able to help me much. Something about an incompetent anulus, and she can't get the bulge to resolve and pull off the cord. I'm still doing home traction, although I'm not sure it's helping much. I feel about the same when I do it 3x a day as I do when I miss it all day.
Thanks for the input and encouragement. It's just a hard thing to consent to, especially since I won't have help at home during recovery. Hubby has to work, and mom is 81, and freaks out with worry if anything is happening with her"baby", so I'm not even telling her about it. I recovered from abdominal surgery last Jan alone, and was fine, but BORED!