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Re: Rectal Cancer & TME

Hi Leslie,

I had a right Hemicolectomy, laparposcopicially on March 2006 at 28 years old. They thought they might have to do open with all the surgical scar tissue I already had. The surgery took 5 hours. I was in the hospital a week for this before my bowels woke up. I started to run a fever, but was sent home on day 8. I was back in the E.R. a couple of days later because my pain from the surgery had spread. It no longer hurt in my lower abdomen as much as it hurt from there all the way to where my gallbladder used to be. My potassium levels had dropped and I was malnourished. I had 3 abscesses from the surgery that landed me in the hospital for another 2 weeks on TPN until I could recover. I could not even walk. Even then I went home with a pic line for antibiotics and one incision got infected and had to be torn opened and packed for a month. Surgeries like these are tough surgeries and with your dad's age he is probably do the best his body can at the moment. I believe the other poster's are right in it takes extreme amounts of time to recover. I was not back to normal for 3 months. I also have a step grandfather I took recently for a colonoscopy and they found some huge adenomas that should be removed, but he is 73 and he decided he did not want to go through what I went through. I hope your father recovers well, but understand this surgery takes alot out of anyone regardless of age. It knocked me down, at 28, flat to my feet, literally. I cried more over the lack of being able to tend to my family than I did about the pain and hospital stays. I wish you and your family the best of luck as I have several members of my family battling this condition.