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Re: a little worried

Our son who is 4 has cp and our 20 month old daughter is as AB as they come. It was a tense pregnancy, but everything worked out.

We were very worried about how Patrick would deal with an AB sibling, but it has not been an issue yet. He is enough older that he is still better at most things. He just seems to ignore the things she does better (stairs, climbing, skipping). I'm sure it will come up someday in the context of the "why am I different than the other kids?" talk, but it has not come up yet.

We have tried hard to get Patrick interested in things he can do well despite cp, but in the end, I don't think there is a real answer to this problem. She will be better than he is at some things he wants to do. Some things are just sad.

This issue is one of the things which is making my wife and I lean against having a 3rd child. We don't want to have a boy who will be more of a direct competitor with Patrick than his sister is.