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Shocked and Scared

We went for my boyfriend's needle biopsy of the supraclavicular lymph nodes today--doctor not very encouraging after PET scan and spiral CT. Enlarged lymph nodes under rib cage and then both left and right supraclavicular so that's why they took the biopsy from there. Doctor said don't know if it's lung cancer or maybe lymphoma. I wasn't prepared for that. He has no symptoms. This was found on a fluke. Just please tell me this--he said the lymph nodes were quite large--is it the bigger they are, the better the chance at malignancy or could there be another reason? I am not good at this having just gone through both of my parents' cancer deaths. The doc said they (the nodes) lit up on the PET scan so---if they "light" up greatly is that better chance of malignancy or do all lymph nodes "light" up greatly even if it is not malignancy? It is 2007--no one should have to go through this in this time. Any other illness but cancer. You can handle any other illness but this.