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Re: Shocked and Scared

Hi Bovine- From what I have experienced, a lymph node greater than 1cm is considered abnormal- not necessarily malignant. The lymph nodes play their role by filtering infection thereby becoming enlarged. A supraclavicular lymph node greated than .5cm is considered abnormal. My right supraclavicular was malignant at 2.8cm and eventually resected because it was compressing my carodid artery.

PET scans measure metabolic activity using an injected fructose type of chemical. Those areas that "light" up may indicate unusually active metabolic uptake and possibly cancer sites.

This is information that I have learned as I travel on this path. I'm not professing to it's accuracy. Only, that I have been living with stage 4 NSCLC and trying my best to negotiate through various radiation and chemotherapies. There is good reason to be hopeful!!!!

I wish you the best... Tom