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Hi, sorry to barge in on this discussion, but I need help. I was expericing heavy chest, numbness in hand and foot on left side. So I went to my primary care phys. and he did EKG in office, read results and sent me straight to heart DR. Heart Dr. does CT with contrast and has me wait for results. He shows me pics of my heart and sees narrowing in one artery, but not really concerned because it's not where the problem showed on EKG. So I leave thinking, Ok if he's not worried then I'm not. Well 9 days later they call with my CR results. (I thought I already had them) Well, I have a 50 % blockage in one aretery and they also tell me they did a full Chest CT and found an 8 mm noncalcified nodule in my lower left lung. But , don't worry. OK how do you not worry about this?????? I have smoked on and off for about 8 yrs. two or three to begin with and now up to pack a day. I also have high blood pressure ( controlled with meds.) My triglycerides are 350 (should be 149 or less). Just started diet and meds to control this. I'm not even thinking about the heart problem now ( even though it's on my Father and Mother's side) I can't find much info about non-calcified nodules. I did ask my primary care phys. which is more likely to be cancerous and he says non-calcified.. My husband and I have been married for 10 yrs. Feb 15, 2007 and six kids among us, ( yours mine and ours) youngest is 8. Help with any info would be greatly appreciated. Please anything about what you all have been through and know for fact. Thanks and God bless you all!