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No Symptoms but still......

May I ask if any of you were diagnosed without first having any symptoms? My boyfriend's enlarged lymph nodes were found by accident--we will have the results of the biopsy this week-end but I'm sure the doctor already knows from the PET scan. He didn't give me much hope that it was anything BUT cancer; just what kind--lung or lymphoma. PET scan does not show other organs involved but mediastinal and hilar lymph nodes and supraclavicular. He emphasized that they were quite large and, I think, that was his code word to me to know ahead of time. He did "mention" that whatever it is is probably early and I'm afraid I insulted him by saying "so what? That's just longer to know since cures are not available in 2007". I was angry and still am and anger is the only way I can be motivated. From my understanding, having these lymph nodes be involved in a straight line this way more than likely would not be infection driven. Still, there are not any outward symptoms--yet.