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Ray you are totally normal re the aches and pains. My husband went through that also after the surgery and chemo was over.He started getting many PVC's so we had a heart doc check him out with many tests.His heart is in great shape and then he kept going to his pulmonary doc which is a good thing since he has asthma and has had it all of his life and he is getting off of some drugs for his asthma and being put on newer ones and we found out one of the drugs he was taking was way to high and as he stopped taking such a high dose his pvc's have all but gone away.
You are right to tell your children after you know.When we got the final diag of LC we told our daughter (first we called her husband at work and told him and we wanted him to be at home when we told our daughter) then she told our grand kids and after the surgery and almost threw the Chemo it was xmas 05 and the kids flew here for Xmas.We asked the two older grandsons who couldn't get over POP POP's bald head if they wanted to go with us to the cancer center while my husband was getting his labs done. Both said yes and we showed them around the cancer center even te chemo room where people were getting their treatments.Those two took it all in and asked many questions. It helped them to see what was going on with their grandfather though if he was to have had chemo that day I would never have let them go.
Just a thought you might even have a touch of asthma. Let us all know how the CT scan results come out. My thoughts and payers are with you.

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