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ray- i'am so glad to hear you are getting such great support. you have a great outlook on this now. i know it's still hard but i truly believe attitude is at least 90% of it. i know people that were given a definite death sentence but they turned it around with their faith and attitude. in life anything is truly possible.
as for the aches and pains. even though we can deal with the stress pretty well at some point it can take a toll on you. i have had the anxiety attacks a couple of times and it is very real. your mind absolutely can play tricks with your body. if it continues i would ask about meds. i take ativan and i dont have to take it everyday just when im having issues with it. and for me there really are no side effects. it doesnt make me feel goofy or anything. im not big on lots of meds cuz i have 2 young girls at home that i have to take care of by myself so im very cautious about what i take. just food for thought if it continues to bother you. maybe some good news will be the cure that you need. i will be praying so hard for you that the results are good.also for your family cuz i know it takes a toll on everyone...............have a great night ray...............blessings,melissa