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Re: Radiation?

i had radiation on my throat and side and face. does she only have 14 treatments? if so that mey not be bad at all. i had 3 weeks this summer and 6 weeks 9 years ago. the 3 weeks was so much easier. just as some of the side effects were starting the treatments were over. some of the side effects may include the sunburn like rash on the skin(if it gets too bad they have cream you can use for it although i never needed it) then your throat can get rather sore. for the 3 weeks it just felt like mild sore throat when you get a cold. for the 6 weeks it was more severe. my throat was very raw and eating was difficult so i switched to a liquid diet(jellos,puddings,lukewarm kind of bland soups, etc) i also got a numbing rinse from my pharmacist to use before meals. i will be honest it was rough for a few weeks but it sounds like she wont have to endure that since it may be shorter.
i dont know if any of these has helped. also dont be afraid to let the staf know of any symptoms right away there a lot of things they give her to ease the effects. good luck to her and i hope it goes by quick and painless. keep us posted on her progress........melissa