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Re: Help--I'm scared to death

Hi Qtant36,

I'm sorry that your in so much pain and having to deal with all the effects of nerve problems. It's not a fun experience to go through.

Do you have a herniation at C5-6?. I know it's a scary thing to go through, but the results can be great. I was suffering with bad pain in my neck, arm, shoulder and numbness in my fingers. I had a large cervical herniation and had to have a C5-6 disectomy and fusion. From the moment that I awoke from surgery, the pain was gone. The only pain that I had was surgical.

I was very lucky in that, I never had another problem until a few months ago, and that was because I took about 4 different falls. I have since found out through x-rays that my fusion hardware is all good and that I am fused. Bad thing about x-rays though, is that they don't show disc bulges or herniations. So for now, I will wait it out and try conservative measures.

Getting more than one opinion is a great idea, because it helps you in your decision making, knowing that your doing whats best for you. I would like to say though, that the longer you leave this problem and do nothing, the more chances for permenant nerve damage. Maybe that's why your starting to have problems with your legs and gait. Or it could be that you have a back issue going on to. I'm not a Dr. and don't work in the medical field, just been there and done that, and am just offering what I do know.

Good luck to you in your very big decision, and please let us know how your doing.

Take care,