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Question Do You think Nutrition & Exersize Helps?

Hi All,
Haven't been around for awhile, but not much going on. As you may know I was diagnosed with Stage IV NSCLC in Dec., with metastasis in the brain. I've had my craniotomy and cyber-knife radiosurgery. Now I am in a waiting stage to find out if the brain is all clear (will get an MRI 4 weeks from Cyber-knife) so chemo can start.
Getting really discouraged by this slow process of treating me. By the time I get any chemo, it'll be 3 months since i was diagnosed!! THat seems too long for me, but they say they have to treat the brain before they can treat the lung.
ANyway, while I have to wait around I am trying my best to eat a healthy, organic diet (as much as possible) and get excersize throughout the week (I've been walking a mile a day, several times a week. I take vitamins also. I quit drinking alcohol way back in October, and quit smoking the day they told me I had cancer.
So far, though, everything I've read about Stage IV NSCLC, is that it's a death sentence. And the best scenario is some months of extended life, and lessening of symptoms. Even here, I don't read very much about survival, or hope for a cure. And have never seen the word cure used anywhere about lung cancer.
So I gues my question is this, do lifestyle changes at this point even make a difference??? Or is it just a hopeless situation?
Sorry to sound down, but hanging around waiting is not easy to do. (The brain tumor caused a visual defect so I can't even work or drive or act normal.)
Thanks for any input.

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