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Re: Sleeping problems after ACDF surgery

You have my sympathy! Getting back to "normal" sleep was a long process. I can still remember how excited I was when I was first able to sleep laying down in my bed, and then again the first time I was able to sleep on my side.

Experiment with pillows and see if any of those help. I use a curved, memory foam pillow, but lots here seem to like the microbead pillows, too.

As suggested by others, prescription sleep aids may help and you can certainly use them on a short term basis. I use Ambien and it does not make me wake up groggy in any way. Muscle relaxers make a lot of people drowsy enough to help with sleep and taking those may help with your morning stiffness, too. Or you can take plain old Benadryl, which also causes drowsiness in many people and can (according to my doc) be taken safely as a sleep aid.

Good luck. Hope you are soon sleeping comfortably through each night.