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Re: Do You think Nutrition & Exersize Helps?

Hi Hellas!
Please try not to get discouraged about waiting for the chemo.
My father was diagnosed in May/June with Stage 4 w/mets to the brain. When he finally started treatment, they treated his brain first., so I don't think that it is uncommon to do this. He was not a canadate for surgery due to the amount and location of the tumors, but instead they gave him radiation for about 8 weeks. After this was finished, he started his rounds of chemo. He just finished the last of his 6 rounds, and we're waiting for an update from the doctor on what to expect next. But he is doing good - even living again on his own - almost back to his normal daily routine prior to the diagnosis.
I'm far from being an expert on the topic, but I am a believer in nutrition and vitamins to help with what ails you. I don't believe that they are a "cure-all" but will definately help with all the toxins that your body will have to deal with during treatment.
I have a book on nutrition and cancer and it seems like green veggies are best for cancer. There's several nutritional suppliments they suggest for use, I'm at work at the moment and can post more tomorrow for you if you'd like.
I think excersise is good too - it doesn't have to come in a form of a killer 40 minute workout lifting weights and running a treadmill, but even a nice walk around the neighborhood, will help raise your immune levels and help your body deal with the disease and the treatments better.
Now, if only I can get my dad to eat anything that resembles a veggie or workout even a little!
Great to see you around again! I wish for the best for you