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Re: Do You think Nutrition & Exersize Helps?

I've done some research regarding Nutrition & Cancer. I'm convinced that it does help. I remember reading about a Nurse with lung cancer that spread throughout the body and lost 1/3 body weight. Was sent home to die. A neighbor suggested a strict Microbiotic Diet (absolutely no fruit). This was in 1998 and she's still very much alive. I read many other survival stories through the use of Nutrition (again absolutely NO sugar which feeds cancer). I know that there's a book written on this subject but forget the name and author. A Stage IV patients best hope is Nutrition & Supplements. Look for books on Nutrition for cancer patients and look for one on the Microbiotic Diet. Fight the Cancer. I know this is easier said than done but others have done it and survived. If you could go to a Spa that's strictly Vegan/Vegetarian/Microbiotic that would be a giant step forward. Some of these place will first start you off with a 7 to 14 day fast to remove all the poisons and toxins from your body and then start the food program where you will learn what to eat, how to shop for the food and prepare it. I know of one in Florida and its very reasonable depending on the season anywhere from $1200 to $1600 a week which includes meals, lectures, exercise, etc. I'm sure they exist in other parts of the Country and many good ones in Mexico. Good Luck.