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Re: Do You think Nutrition & Exersize Helps?

Hi All,
thanks for the speedy replies. I do have one book here called Beating Cancer with Nutrition, but seems kind of technical so not sure I'm getting enough out of it.
So after doing all these healthy things, I'm supposed to allow the doctors to poison me with cytotoxins. I've never understood that, and having a hard time with the concept. It's the chemicals in the smoking that caused my lung cancer, so now I'm supposed to add even worse chemicals into my system to try and kill the cancer without killing me. That's the size of it isn't it? The Purpose is to Kill the cancer without killing the patient?
Oh I'll do it, but hving had so many bad allergic reactions to other meds, I'm not very hopeful I will be able to tolerate the chemo.
THanks for the words of encouragemnet. I'm not ready to give up at the age of 51, but hard to stay upbeat and positve. GUess that's why I haven't posted lately. Didn't want to be down all the time.
GOd Bless everyone and love to know what you all are doing to up your chances of survival!!