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Re: Do You think Nutrition & Exersize Helps?

Hi Faith,

First and foremost, please don't pay attention to statistics! Even the good ones, the ones citing a decrease in cancer deaths is from 2003! They are all outdated and do not take into consideration all the different variables that go into these statistics.
Second, as long as you are breathing there is hope. Every day they are making great strides in cancer research, even for us lung cancer patients that seem to be largely ignored by the medical community.
Third, surviving has everything to do with a positive attitude. No one ever beat this disease by being negative. That said, it is extremely difficult to stay positive all the time (at least for me)! I know I can't be positive every minute of every day, but I try to be as much as I can.
I try to eat right, I have cut out as much artificial junk as I can, and I exercise 5 times a week. This week I haven't been able to exercise since I did something to my back...I think it was moving my daughter into her apartment...but when I can I do exercise.
I take a multivitamin, an 81mg. aspirin, one antidepressant (2 kept me up at night so I cut it in half), 200mcg. of selenium and thats it. I'm not sure if the selenium helps or not but they are doing clinical trials and it won't hurt so I figured "why not?"
I have been cancer free since October 2005, 15 months.
Also, to technically be considered "cured" from lung cancer I believe the cancer has to be encapsulated and completely removed with surgery with no spread anywhere. I'm not explaining that very well, but I believe it would be a stage 1a. Unfortunately, most people don't find it until much later, which is why you don't read about "cures" very often. However, that doesn't mean if they are able to do surgery or get rid of the cancer with chemo or radiation that it will definately come back, just that it has a chance of coming back, which is why those people are referred to as "in remission" and not "cured".
I hope all of this makes sense and please keep in mind I am not a medical professional, I'm just explaining things the way I understand them.
Hang in there and I will keep you in my prayers.