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Re: shoulder, arm and neck problems..don't understand MRI

This kinda sounds familiar. Let me give you the short version. I'm 28 yrs old and about 5-6 years ago I had a terrible pain in the back of my neck and left shoulder/arm. I told the dr's it was my neck but they insisted it was my shoulder. So, went to ortho surgeon and they found bursitis and bone spurs in my shoulder. Had them removed by acromioplasty and pain went away. 2 years later pain in neck return along with shoulder/arm pain again so I guess it all wasnt my shoulder. After another 2 years went by with a dull, burning pain in shoulder/arm finally went to see a nuerosurgeon had all types of test and it pretty much said the same as yours but showed a herniated disc in c4-5 and bulging disc in c5-c6. The nerves in c4-c5 area affect your arm so I was told. (I went to an orthopedic dr and didn't get any results so my primary referred me to a nuerosurgeon)So after 6 years I finally got some answers. I had ACDF surgery on 12/4/06 and so far so good the pain that I had in arm has gone but I guess true test will be when i return to work on monday. Hopefully this was of some kind of help good luck.