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Re: Do You think Nutrition & Exersize Helps?

Hi Faith,
Happy to see a posting from you, but don't ever feel you cannot come to this posting board when you are down! We are here to pick you up! I don't have cancer, but see Stan struggling more and more everyday and he has outlived what any doctor thought he would so keep the positive attitude and I do think nutrition and supplements help, but I know at times you begin to doubt everything. I think it is Stan's positive attitude and is strong will to live that has kept him here with us!
I feel guilty at times being the caregiver and reading what people are going thru with cancer and feel helpless I cannot do anything to ease their pain and burden. I pray everyday that a miracle will come thru for cancer treatment, but in the meantime I try my hardest to enjoy my days with my husband and boys as I don't even know when my time will come.
Big Hugs!