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Re: Thyroid Help Needed. Please Help!

You might feel yucky from the surgery, as well as not having the right thyroid hormones in your body. In terms of the heart attack, it may or may not be related, the endo. and cardiologist will have to explore that, if your nodule was spilling extra hormone, it should have shown in bloodwork, and that could possibly affect the heart, but I wouldn't give up on finding the reason for your heart issues if I were you.

You might not need to take an RAI pill to ablate thyroid tissue, if indeed you just had a few cancer cells. If you do, in the US they usually make you go "hypo" without thyroid hormone for several weeks (which makes you feel terrible) and then have the pill and start medication a couple of days afterward. Every nuclear med. facility seems to do it a bit differently, and have a different philosophy.

Once you get back on thryoid hormone, they will try to keep your "TSH" level "suppressed" --- you might be a bit on the hyperthyroid side, and this prevents thryoid cancer from growing back. Columbia Presbytarian hospital has a website that describes the process pretty well, as does the thyroid ca associations site.

Some pp. feel normal pretty quickly. I went thru. this 2 years ago, it took about 6 months after surgery to get my meds right, and start feeling back to my old self. But now, everything is fine, and especially because you only had a few cells, you should do great!

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