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Constipated: Please help!

Several weeks back I was very sick and didn't have a clue as to what was wrong with me. I knew that I had not been having a good bowel movement. I felt so sick that I went to my Doctor and described to her how I felt and I was at the point that I was so sick at my stomach that I was throwing up so I knew something was wrong. The Doctor listened to my stomach with her stethascope and then ordered a x-ray! Well the x-ray came back and the Doctor said that I was so constipated and she shoewed me on the x-ray how it was flowing out. I was just so sick I couldn't hardly hold my head up and had been in the bed for 2 days before I broke down and went to the Doctor with this. She told me to go to the Pharmacy and she had wrote it down on her pad what to get. i had to get a bottle, (i can't remember the name of it but the bottle was green and it had the name magnesium in it." I had to drink that and also do a fleet enema and she wrote a prescription for phergen. You talking about sick after drinking this bottle of stuff and taking the enema I thought I was gonna die. But it cleaned me out pretty good and I have been constipated a couple of times since and I am sceared to death that I am gonna get back in the same shape I was in. I have been taking some Milk-of0Magnesia once a week lately but I am constipated again. Can anyone suggest anything I can buy that might help me get straightened out? She mentioned stool softners to me which I forgot about and didn't get. Could some one tell me something good to buy that might help me with this. I am so afraid of getting back like I was and don't want that to happen to me. Thanks for any help in advance!


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