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Re: My Suggestions For Anxiety, Panic and Obsessive Thoughts

Originally Posted by SteveGn View Post

shorebird, I agree with you about the cbt (haven't heard of tea form though). I haven't had any actual cbt (cognitive behavioral therapy), but "self talk" at certain times, which would probably fall under the category of cbt, has also been helpful for me. In the last few months though, I pretty much have been able to put myself into the "just be" mode without having to resort to any self talk, but it's nice to know it's there if needed.
Self talk is definitely a key part of cbt and being in the "just be" mode is essentially what cbt tries to teach you to do so I think we are on the same page I exercise and meditate on occasion as well to help keep on an even keel. Take care and good to hear from you.